Andromeda Lucky Charm


According to Greek Mythology Andromeda, was the daughter of the Aethiopian king Cepheus and his wife Cassiopeia. 

Andromeda was the most beautiful of the Nereids and her name was given to the brightest constellation.The number of stars contained in the Andromeda Galaxy is estimated at one trillion 


On the one side this one of a kind amulet represents constellation ‘Andromeda’ with his 20 rays , each one of them symbolizes a wish for health , wealth and rebirth.

On the other side βκ stands for number ’20’ in ancient Greek numerical system.


63,00 €Price
  • Material: Sterling Silver

    Dimensions: 2 cm

    Stone: Brilliant or Zirconia stones

    Length of chain: 45 cm - Classic CM Chain

    Clarity: vs 

    Color: G (Rare White)

    Cut: Round Brilliant Cut


    Handcrafted with care _ Accompanied by his own package.