Helios Necklace - 'Aura' Collection


Ιnspired by the sun, the dominant Greek element and part of the ‘Aura’ collection.According to the Myth , Aura is a deity whose name means ‘breeze’ and is completely connected with the ‘Gaea’ (earth) , 'Thalassa’ (sea) & ‘Uranus’ (heavens). Inspired by the apparent line that separates earth from sky , Summer Sunset Glow and the Ancient Greek Aesthetics , ‘Aura’ Collection by CM comes to portray a different perspective in jewellery making.



72,00 €Price
  • Material: Brass with Sterling Silver Chain

    Dimensions: 3,5 cm

    Length of chain: 45 cm 

    Length of cord: Knot for Fluctuation


    Handcrafted with care _ Accompanied by his own package.